Timeless Elegance – Spring Summer 2021

Defying Decades: Styles that are truly timeless

Timeless is a term ubiquitous in fashion. It is commonly used to describe classic investment pieces that break through years or even centuries of trends that come and go. Undefined by age, this lookbook edition bring insights to this season’s fashion secrets on how to look sophisticated and polished all the time.

These staples are an excellent addition to any wardrobe, be it to refresh your office look,
brighten your outfit for tea or even to balance comfort with style.

Dawn to Dusk

Reinvent your 9 to 5 outfits with classic pieces that look stylish and sophisticated enough for the office. Whatever your after-work plans may be, spice up your look with accessories that will instantly transform your look from day to night.

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Oversized or cropped, blazers are a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. Throw on this staple piece with a pair of mid-length biker shorts, and blocked heeled mules for an effortlessly sophisticated look. If you’re looking to add a softer touch to a power blazer, pair them with a pleated maxi skirt. 

The right accessories are all you need to update your look for after-work activities. The key is to make simple shifts to your outfit by adding accessories with gold accents like this bucket bag and an emerald gold ring.

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Create a lasting impression when you step into the office with a power suit. Play around with contrasting colours for a stylish look. Another way to style is to opt for simple patterns like vertical stripes as it elongates the body, giving the illusion of a taller you. 

Instead of shiny dress shoes, experiment with different colours like browns or even oxblood. Seal the look with a classic leather timepiece – an accessory that every man needs. 

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Food for the Occasion

Be it to get through your day with a daily dose of caffeine or to spice up your night with some authentic European delights, satisfy your tastebuds easily when you order from Capita3Eats.

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Style for Tea

Taking time off for a shopping spree or perhaps attending an afternoon high tea and you’re not sure how to style yourself? You can now stop rifling through your entire wardrobe searching for something appropriate and check out these styles that are both stylish and comfortable, giving you the room to move freely and yet still look ever so charming.


This lux-looking trendy piece is a must-have this season. Pleated dresses are flattering on different body types and are a perfect alternative to structured dresses. Go for bright colours instead and pair it with dainty accessories to not draw attention away from this chic piece.

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Look gorgeous at tea with a printed pleated skirt matched with a vibrant structured top that strikes a nice balance. Polish up the look with a neutral coloured bag and blocked heels that’s comfortable for the feet.

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Embrace never-ending summer by matching Hawaiian inspired printed shirts with neutrals. Throw on a dual-tone bomber jacket to break up the prints and add a little more sophistication to the overall look. Balance out the light and dark shades with a softer tone of brown for shoes.

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Make your statement with a blue blazer that gels perfectly with the look here – perfect for an effortlessly stylish, casual weekend.

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Food for the Occasion

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Fashionable Comfort

Versatile styling combinations can be worn in many settings. Look and feel luxurious, yet feel comfortable in clothes that allow you to get about the real business of living life.


Look classy and boast your elegance by colour-coordinating your overall look. Piece together a body-hugging top like a racer tank and layer with a wide-legged high waisted bottom. Do not forget to couple your look with a unique bag that strikes a balance between functionality and fashion.

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Look suave and exude class and style by matching light washed jeans with a t-shirt and a dark-toned blazer. Enhance the look further by adding on a leather bracelet. Crafted in buttery leather and finished with brogue accents, the choice of footwear screams comfort.

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White button shirt, white shoes and classic denim wash jeans. You’ll never go wrong with these timeless pieces that go effortlessly well together, even at the very last minute.

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Food for the Occasion

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