Effortlessly Elevated – Spring Summer 2021

Not bounded by age, fashion is one’s way of a creative outlet
and self-expression.

Switch things up and break away from sophisticated looks and incorporate these trendy pieces to make your statement.

Whether if it’s your day-to-day activities, winding down for the weekend, going on a date or simply strutting through the streets, get inspired on what bold fashion choices to make this season, and effortlessly elevate your everyday dressing with bold prints and colours.

The Everyday Comfort

Easy and fuss-free everyday outfit combinations don’t have to be boring or uninspiring.

This hybrid trend marries comfort with class for a casual chic look. 

Her Trendy Picks

Bold and feminine looks are back in trend this season. Get dolled up for a full day of activities with the girls with a number that will have them swooning over. Keep it simple and light on the bottom and a little more playful with frills on the top. 

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Bright tones and puffed sleeves are another way around this fresh trend if you’re not up for frills. Build your look with a pair of statement sunnies, and avoid looking preppy by pairing this ensemble with white sneakers for a casual touch. 

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His Trendy Picks

The ideal alternative to chinos and jeans, military-inspired cargo pants are not only easy-going but stylish too. For those with a slimmer fit, opt for a simple tee or a button-down shirt. If you’re feeling inspired, double up your top with a dark on light tone get-up. Keep the comfort going in your favourite lace-up sneakers.

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Printed graphic tees can add another dimension to your outfit, whether it’s to soften your overall look or add a statement to simpler outfits. Layer a denim jacket over any graphic shirt to look effortlessly cool. 

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Food for the Occasion

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Wind Down Weekend

Ease up and take a break from outfit-planning during the weekends with contemporary styles
that’s relaxed but still stylish enough to turn heads.

Her Trendy Picks

Feel pretty in lace and strappy heeled mules for an exquisite springtime look that’s impeccably chic,
integrating a refined style with a comic chain necklace.

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The easiest way to add some finesse to your ordinary run of the mill outfit is through layered fashion. Layer your look with a sheer short sleeve blouse and finish it off with a contrasting pair of Bermuda shorts, and brando sandals.

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His Trendy Picks

It’s ideal to own pieces in your wardrobe that’s flexible enough to match the wants of each situation. Unlike the usual layering, add a different spin to the trend by having a pullover as the undershirt instead.

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Keep your style in check with refreshing floral prints. Matching slim fit jeans with prints makes this look a total vibe. It’s simple yet complex and gives an overall put together look even when it’s paired with sandals.

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Food for the Occasion

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Hit the Streets

Streetwear is one of the biggest trends in fashion and commonly used by people as a way to express themselves.

It’s time to own your personality and make a statement with some trendy streetwear.

Her Trendy Picks

Challenge the traditional fashion of matching pairs by rocking mismatched sneakers while you
play with layers by pairing a versatile vest with a monochrome outfit.

[lb_products product_cat="hit-the-streets" product_type="female"]

Sweatshirts and joggers have made their mark in the fashion industry. Make an impression by incorporating different tones with pastels and bright colours paired with some bold knee-high boots.

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His Trendy Picks

From low key to flashy styles, men’s streetwear has become increasingly adventurous over the years.  Stand out from the crowd with masculine items, jaunty accessories and bold colour combinations.

Step out of your comfort zone by rocking a bold moment with either a one-tone ensemble
or a combination of neutrals and prints.

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Food for the Occasion

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Statements for Dates

Whether you’re going for an exciting first date or celebrating a romantic occasion, exude confidence with an unforgettable look. Put an end to the what-do-I-wear dilemma and strut with style with these statement pieces.

Her Trendy Picks

Soft pastel palettes are classic and perfect if you’re going for a subtle and delicate look. Charm your date with a pastel-toned top and a pair of neutral pants.

[lb_products product_cat="statements-for-dates" product_type="female"]

Dress to impress and make an audacious statement by pairing striking accessories along
with a bright knit top and a layered midi skirt.

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His Trendy Picks

Show your personality through elements like loud prints with a pop of colour and a pair of slim-fit jeans topped with some cool kicks. Leave your date in awe with an outfit that projects you.

[lb_products product_cat="statements-for-dates" product_type="male"]

Get out of your date-night outfit rut, look fresh with a lively top along with a simple bottom and a pair of boots. It’s all about wearing the clothes versus letting the clothes wear you.

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Food for the Occasion

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